In the spirit of possibility, TheFifthCorner is meant to provide ideas and support for a concerted effort to innovate image-based media in ways that will help to more deeply comprehend the world and ourselves. It is based upon an understanding that the media paradigm must shift, and do so intelligently, in order to be relevant in a world in which image, fact, and even reality have dramatically different meanings today. In this environment how can, and should, image-based media be used? How can it more effectively respond to the numerous challenges confronting us today?

Hopefully the various readings and projects featured here will be of some use, both in deconstructing image-based media as readers and in reconstructing them as producers, so as to help make life somewhat more coherent, richer, and livable for everyone.

For possible inclusion on The Fifth Corner website, please email us with any ideas, projects, readings or image-based strategies that expand our sense of possibility.

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