Tim Hetherington, a wonderfully experimental, thoughtful and smart image maker who embraced a variety of new and old media strategies, was tragically killed in Libya while covering the conflict there. His intimate video, Diary, explores his multi-faceted life as someone who chose to witness the most brutal conflicts and report back on them while trying to survive intact as a human being filled with curiosity and the longing to understand. 
I first met Tim at PixelPress when we published his “House of Pain” multimedia work on an emergency room in Wales, and he remarked on how difficult it was at that time, soon after he finished graduate school, to find anyone who understood what he was doing. I could only sympathize – it was one of the projects from PixelPress that I showed in 2002 at the Arles Photography Festival when we were booed off the stage, forced to stop, and a large segment of the audience walked out—they had difficulty appreciating at that time what could be done differently with digital media.

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